Digital Decentralized Systems

Our mission

Creating large and efficient products without routine processes and unnecessary intermediaries by implementing blockchain technology into everyday life

PRACTICES AND APPROACHES. We use the latest practices and approaches to project development and management to create cutting-edge products, enabling us to not only create MVPs quickly but also provide constant delivery of updates and releases. Implementing 1000 improvements per year is standard for us

ADVANTAGES OF OUR PRODUCTS. Our products offer transparency in algorithms, automation of routine processes, transparency and integrity of data, and durability and reliability due to data decentralization - eliminating a single point of failure

Our projects

We create projects for large holdings and commercial structures that have already been implemented and are operating on almost every continent of the planet

We have already created and launched a cryptocurrency exchange, an investment index fund, an investor's personal account, a platform for tokenizing video games, a platform for tokenized loyalty programs, and a platform for tokenizing esports

The geography of our clients includes the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Russia

Technical Support

In addition to development, we also provide services for technical support of your clients, maintaining communication on social networks, online chats, and forums 24/7, speaking with your clients in Russian or English

Competent and fast responses to users help to quickly solve problems, increase customer retention rates, their loyalty, and increase the conversion of sales of your product or service

Smart Contracts and Security

Our team has undergone a technical audit by NewAlchemy (one of the top auditing companies in the world, having audited successful projects such as OmiseGO). As a result of the audit, no critical vulnerabilities were found, and the solution has been successfully implemented and is still working to this day

When developing products and technical solutions for our clients, we pay special attention to security issues. All solutions run on reliable servers (Amazon, Microsoft Azure)

The entire infrastructure is set up in such a way that, if necessary, servers can easily handle almost any user traffic, automatically increasing the necessary power

How we work

Our Approach

We treat each of our client's products as our own and strive to make it the best on the market. At the same time, we understand that speed to market is crucial in the crypto world

Speed & Security
important qualities for users

All products work quickly and reliably protect user data

interfaces for users

We make working with crypto projects simple for any category of users

Best price on the market
Agile development for the clientа

Our clients pay for the result we deliver every two weeks of development

What we offer?

Our Services

Our team will help you implement PoC (proof of concept) of your idea, an MVP product to test hypotheses, or a ready-made version of the product for end-users


Requirements gathering, technical task writing, interface prototyping


Audit of existing technical solutions and smart contracts, from MVP level to real projects


Design and development of products using blockchain/AI/ML technologies


A wide range of blockchain platforms for your needs: Ethereum, Solana, Corda, Hyperledger

Our working method

Outsourced agile development

Our team is ready to take on all the IT components of implementing your idea and develop a quality product that meets high market requirements. We work in iterations of two weeks, at the end of which we show you the result. What are the benefits of this development method for you?

  • No need to assemble a team from scratch. From day one, we are ready to start working on creating your product
  • Our team has completed a large number of projects and has long been "seasoned" to each other, as well as possessing all the necessary competencies to implement interesting and complex services
  • Each team is fully staffed and consists of developers, testers, and analysts
  • You save money. Operating expenses for maintaining an office are reduced, tax expenses are optimized, there is no need to maintain HR, think about vacations, sick leave, and so on

Write us

if you want to discuss your idea of a product or whether you have any questions

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